Cereal Killer
Rox, 22, Montevideo, Uruguay!

Professor Renner courtesy of @whiskeysoakedwords on Instagram
Marvel’s #icebucketchallenge


Waiting for Jeremy Renner, Sebastian Stan, Chris Evans & Mark Ruffalo’s #icebucketchallenge 



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So. He finally gave in and got that amazing ass on social media. For which, his fanwomen may never recover. We’re sorry this is coming out late today, so we’re going to switch up the caption contest a little, especially since some of you just don’t have time on Rennsday to caption & submit.  
We’re changing the deadline this week as a trial run. Caption it, get it on the fucking image and send it fucking in, women. Caption contest means PRIZES. How do you get one? Caption this pic and send it back to us by 11 p.m. Saturday night (4 a.m. GMT 08/24/14). Winner gets her very own customized, exclusive, never-to-appear-here-before WTIJFRT! You know you want one, woman, so you know what to do…